The Hollow Lies in the Heart

Once I watched a movie, one of those made-in-Hollywood films, with lots of action. The main character was a cold professional hit man who comes to be hunted by the police and the mafia. His apparent indifference to any type of feeling was the hallmark of his personality, and the main reason for his wicked effectiveness. During his escape, however, he carried a vase with, if I am not mistaken (it was long ago), an orchid. That single flower was the only thing that man loved. It received all the care and affection he was capable of, from being placed under the sun, watered, watched for diseases, so it would not die. That flower depended entirely on him to remain alive. Interestingly, that gave the orchid the power to make the best of a man with a rough conscience flourish. That flower was sacred.

Sacred is everything that connects us to the divine, that allows us to exert our most noble feelings, that teaches us to be better persons, and leverages our evolution. In a small altar I have at home, there are a number of apparently mundane objects, but they are so meaningful to me I see them as sacred. Some, more distracted people, do not realize these are important objects in my temple. For instance I have three figures of jugglers. When I retreat for my reflections, meditations and prayers, they remind me that disseminating joy wherever I go is the best way to thank life for the blessings and lessons it has given me during my journey. They are sacred to me.

The sacred is hidden within the profane.

In all religious traditions, the avatars that have inspired them were opposed to the cult of images. However, churches and temples around the world are filled with them. Would they be wrong? No. One must understand the difference. The object itself has no power; however, the sacred in a statue of Buddha or Saint Francis of Assisi exists, and it is important for they  remind us of their lessons about wisdom and love, the map and compass to guide the path towards the sun. When the veil that covers the shadows is lifted, we let our most subtle feelings serve as compass and bearings, and they become sacred.

The sacred is where your heart lies.

Just like ordinary objects, we find in our daily relationships, whether in the family, professional or social, simple or complex, that we discover and show the best in ourselves. The people we love, for obvious reasons, will always be sacred, as we place in them our best, unconditional feelings. A person who is a trouble-causing stranger may also become sacred if, from our experience with this person, we understand and experience more sublime ways of wisdom and love. Hardships exist to leverage our evolution.

The same goes for the sacred cities. Jerusalem, Mecca, Budigaia, Fatima or Sedona are cities where, for centuries, pilgrims draw their best energy. These are powerful places, and make you feel different, if you are open to that. However, we cannot forget that the sea is a sanctuary; the forests and mountains are cathedrals; your home, a temple. Any place that allows you to connect with the other sphere is divine. Any place that allows our egos to talk to our souls will make the purest light shine.

All that touches your heart is sacred.

A gaze, a hug or a kiss may be mundane or sacred, depending upon the feelings in them. A sincere and humble act of compassion will always be sacred. The same goes for any action of goodwill, or when your choice elevates love over any other interest.

The sacred lies quietly in your heart. Invite it to dance with you all the songs of the Great Ball of Life!

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