Miracles are transformations hidden within ourselves

“What we call magic other traditions call miracles. There is a change in name, but the power and the strength are the same”, said Starry Song, an old native of the People of the Red Path while putting tobacco in his stone-bowl pipe. We were seated around a small campfire under the fantastic cloak of the Milky Way eliciting our ponderings on the mysteries of the universe. I waited for him to puff on the pipe as an invitation to his ancestors who are riding with the wind to take part in our conversation. He then looked at me, the flames reflecting in his eyes, and said: “Magic or miracles are how we call the transformations we cannot yet explain. The important thing is to understand you are part of the miracle, just like the seed that will germinate only if the ground is fertile. Each one tends to their own garden, and if no work is done, no rose will blossom. The sun and the rain are available to everyone, but the sowing is personal and nontransferable. It is essential to understand that each one has to play their part in order to be dazzled by the magic of life”.

He also explained that there is a ceaseless exchange between spheres, but the allies of the invisible plan can only enhance their work with us if we are prepared: “We are the pillars of the bridge they cross; therefore, the stronger the foundation, the more they can transit over it. Without the establishment of one’s moral code, according to which no harm can be caused against anything or anyone, one will reach nowhere. These concepts are the solid grounds of the soul”, he added.

No other word was said. The passing of the night brought along its symphony, helping us to see beyond. My thoughts went far, and brought to my mind the Old Man, the oldest monk of the monastery of the Order, who had advised me of the importance of the energies we emanate. “All in the universe is energy. Even what we call matter is no more than condensed energy, an idea Quantic Physics accepts today, but the esotericists have known for centuries. Energies are aligned according to affinities or similarities, with our thoughts, feelings and attitudes as the sources of energy. Therefore, if you want angels, spiritual benefactors or invisible friends (it doesn’t matter what you call them) to come closer, use your energy to get, as much as possible, close to their vibrating frequency. Pay attention to yourself. Hone what you think, feel and do.”

“The most important miracles are the small transformations that take place inside ourselves, allowing for stronger permeability among the plains. The backbone of universal wisdom is: love everyone as you would like to be loved. Do good deeds, do not wait for others to do them. All the rest are just comments about this broader teaching. To love unconditionally is an action of great wisdom, as it brings along with it the expansion of consciousness, the liberation of the soul, the permission to see in the dark. Become a better person each day, be aware of the power that lies numb in the core of the being. The ancient secret of alchemists, of transforming lead into gold, was no more than lightening up one’s own shadows, aligning them to the soul. There is no greater wealth or miracle”.

As if guessing my thoughts, the wise shaman broke the silence: “Magic is transformation. The most important ones are those that occur in the core of the being. You are the wizard and the magic itself, since, when we transform ourselves, we change the world with very small, daily miracles, that only the keen eye can see. We see the transformations overflow naturally, from the twinkle in the eyes; from the loving sensibility in the feelings; from enlightened and clear thought free from automatisms; from the good word; from compassion for the lack of understanding of the other; from acting composedly and dignified. A moral being devoid of any morality. Their primary, dense emotions, which, until that point, were the immediate reaction before facing the hurdles of everyday life, became noble, subtle feelings that emerge easier and easier, until the day the heart will resonate pure light only. That shows an important step where traces of individual evolution become part of the spirit, as a twinkling star in the sky that, little by little, lightens everything and everyone, in synch with the expansion of the Universe itself, until engulfing it entirely”.

On that night, two traditions converged to show me that the real wisdom is one.

Dawn was about to emerge. Starry Song took his drum and played it smoothly “to be in tune with the pulse of the planet that was awaking”. The music brought a smile of pleasure to my face. The shaman looked at me, smiled back and said: “To joyfully share with everyone what your heart holds as its dearest feature is the best way to thank the Great Mystery for all the magic performed. Only then is it possible to move on in grace. That is the lesson and the power of the sun that lights up and warms up, generating life for everyone, without distinction”.

Kindly translated by Carlos André Oighenstein.


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